Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Dividing up the jobs

Our first meeting of the new Lib Dem Group. We've been allocated one seat on each of the five Scrutiny Committees, so that makes things relatively easy. I ask for Public Protection and Community Partnerships Scrutiny, which I'm delighted to get. It covers many of the areas I know something about, and also oversees waste management - a very important issue in the near future.

We elect our officers: Martin Swainston will make an excellent leader, with the experience of Peter Freitag as his Deputy. Our Group meetings will be chaired by Malcolm Dunstone, while I am secretary, responsible for group cohesion, contacts with other party groups as well as our internal organisation and administration.

At the end of our second Group Meeting, the Leader of the Council poked his head around the door. They had just finished the Labour Group meeting. Cllr Williams wanted to offer us the Vice-Chair of the Environment Scrutiny Committee. Malcolm Dunstone has already been assigned that Committee, so he becomes the Vice-Chair of a Council Scrutiny Committee.

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