Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Euro Hustings in a remarkable building

Off to Stockton Town Hall on Saturday for the 10am stop on the Lib Dem Northern Region Euro Hustings roadshow. In the midst of General Election fever we still have to look ahead to 2009 and select our team for the European elections.

The photo shows Fiona Hall MEP, Neil Bradbury, Chris Foote-Wood and Simon Reed, with Doreen Huddart, appropriately enough as the Candidates' Committee Chair, bathed in celestial light from the window behind.

All four candidates, though remarkably diverse in terms of age, experience and personality, handled the questions well and would be a credit to the party if chosen for our list.

The hustings were held in the Council Chamber of Stockton Town Hall: a remarkably compact (estate agents speak) room laid out in the 1880s with a dark wooden raised bench for the mayor, cabinet and senior officers, with a shallow arc of wooden benches for the councillors. There is a tiny balcony for any member of the public intrepid enough to venture up. I assumed that this was merely an historical relic, but no, Stockton Council still meets here.

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