Monday, 19 November 2007

Darlington PPC Hustings

The hustings meeting to choose a Parliamentary Candidate for Darlington took place this evening. The shortlist was myself, Robert Adamson, who was our candidate in the previous two General Elections, and John Harris, a councillor from Richmond who is married to Baroness Harris, a Lib Dem peer.
I am delighted to say I was selected by a clear majority on first preference votes. It will be a real honour to represent the Lib Dems in my local constituency. No doubt the Labour candidate will be our current absentee MP, Alan Milburn. Surprisingly perhaps, since it is only fairly recently that Labour won the seat, the Conservatives have not yet selected their candidate. Will it be another faceless city-type from London, or will they go for their new recruit, Lib Dem loser and defector, Nigel Boddy? We couldn't really get that lucky, could we?


Darlington Councillor said...

Congratulations, Mike!

As you and I both know, the LibDems haven't got a prayer in Darlington, but like you, I am curious about the lethargy of the Tories. About 9 months ago, the Conservative Home website stated that their selection for Darlington was about to kick off, and after that, nothing.

Several colleagues are assuming that there is some cunning Tory masterplan in all of this, but as always I tend to favour the cock-up theory, especially where Darlington Tories are concerned...

Cllr Matt Davies said...

Congrats Mike.

miketually said...

Congratulations Mike.

(Are all Councillors night-owls, or just blogging Councillors?)

Anonymous said...

Well done Mr Barker.

I see Nick Wallis doesn't give you a chance. Sadly he may be right but I would much prefer an MP who has a real interest in improving our town rather Alan Milburn who is more interested in accumulating pound coins.

Since he stepped down from being Health Secretary does he actually do anything for Darlington other than having one day a week (if that)in the town.

If they got rid of him no one would miss the work he does

Chris & Glynis Abbott said...

Congratulations Mike. We are sure you will do well.