Thursday, 29 November 2007

Milburn on his travels again

Alan's been off on his travels again. Our MP, who racked up the 17th highest expenses in the House, despite speaking in just ONE Commons debate in the past year and voting in just 62% of the divisions, has been off to Australia, advising Kevin Rudd, the Labor winner of the recent general election there. Well, Mr Bean has never been his best friend, and now Tony's gone he's a bit out on a limb.

It appears our Alan regards his Parliamentary salary as being only enough to warrant being a part-time MP, such is the amount of time he spends on his extra-curriculum activities.

I wonder if he offset his carbon emissions by making a payment to a sustainable energy project. I'm sure his Pepsico salary is more than enough to cover the carbon costs of his air travel to and from Australia!


miketually said...

Hmm, maybe the Alan Milburn blog needs to start up again?

Anonymous said...

Milburn is a total waste of space.

He does nothing for Darlington. When there's a bandwagon he leaps on Eg University for Darlington.

Darlington would better off if he moved to Ausralia permanently. Mind you knowing him he'd be claiming First Class Travel to see his family every week.

Why would he want to start a blog again he's got nothing to blog about. His diary would be the shortest ever.

If he's one of the leading lights in the Labour Party it shows how dim our goverment are.

I don't have much time for Blair but he works ten times as hard as Milburn.

Let's start a campaign to get rid of him

Jim Greenhouse

miketually said...

"Why would he want to start a blog again he's got nothing to blog about."

He didn't write the blog... Have a look at it and you should get the idea.