Friday, 16 November 2007

No more smelly sacks

Ok, this may not be the most exciting photograph on this blog, but it represents my first individual casework success.

Back in July, at a coffee morning in the Havelock Centre, a resident of 9-12 George Short Close told me they had nowhere to store their black refuse sacks. It seems an old u-shaped brick shelter, behind which they used to store their sacks, was pulled down some years ago and nothing was ever provided to replace it. So all four residents had to store their black sacks inside their flats all week - which got a bit smelly, especially in summer.

The resident told me she had complained to two previous ward councillors (neither of them Lib Dems) but nothing had been done. When I contacted the Director she told me that they had received no complaints about this, but she would investigate and get it sorted out. What were those councillors doing?

Anyway, I called round this week and there was their new storage bin. The residents are very pleased with it. No more smelly sacks in their flats. Everyone's happy and I've got a nice story for our next Focus.

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Mary Reid said...

I was thinking that the solution was rather extravagent, until I re-read it and realised that you weren't writing about smelly socks.