Wednesday, 14 November 2007

A stroll around the Pedestrian Heart (1)

Strolling out from work at lunchtime today, even though we are in mid-November, people were sitting on the benches and steps in the new Pedestrian Heart, relaxing and enjoying themselves. I regret the loss of the traditional three levels and some of the classic features of the old High Row, but it's certainly more pleasant to stroll around that area now.
But there are things I don't understand and other things I don't like. Also, some rough edges that still need ironing out.
First, on several days of the week, black sacks are piled around the around one of the lamp posts. It looks bad. Where do they come from?
Second, why weren't NTL required to clean and repaint their cable boxes?
Third, can someone please tell me what this road sign means?
More exciting pics tomorrow!


miketually said...

"Third, can someone please tell me what this road sign means?"

One way street, but with cycling allowed in both directions.

It's no wonder cyclists are still confused about where they can and can't ride in the PH, is it?

Mike Barker said...

Ah, that's interesting. I thought , because it was stuck on a pole beside the phone boxes, where the pavement narrows, that it meant pedestrians had right of way over bikes in that narrow gap.

Anonymous said...

Parts of the Pedestrian Heart are already looking distinctly grubby.

Three years down the line I think it will be no better than what preceeded it unless the Council really does work harder at keeping it clean. The waste bags look appalling. Is there really any need for them to be such an eyesore.I thought I had read somewhere that Streeetscene cleaned up twice a day in the towncentre