Monday, 5 November 2007

Waste Management Contract

Later this week, officers will be reporting to councillors the details of the new Waste Management Contract which has been negotiated, replacing the one we have with Durham County Council.
As befits a Council which now professes to be open and consultative, there has been no openness or consultation at all with us or the public about what we would like to see included in this major aspect of DBC's operations. How we increase recycling, reduce waste and deal appropriately with what's left is a vitally important decision. Cabinet will be considering the report next week. Thursday will be our first view of what they propose. We'll be holding them to account if it's not up to scratch.


miketually said...

How did this go?

If I could recycle card and all plastics from the doorstep, I'd be happy.

Mike Barker said...

The presentation to Councillors was much more detailed than the bare facts listed in the Cabinet papers.
It is Cabinet this evening and I am representing the Lib Dems. I have some questions to ask.
It is fair to say that the Lib Dems have concerns about the proposed new contract: both in its own right and in terms of its impact on doorstep recycling, which is a point I made at last week's presentation.
When I've heard what they say in Cabinet this evening, we will take a look at it again and decide on our approach in the run up to Council in a couple of weeks time.

miketually said...

Thanks Mike, I'll stay tuned.