Monday, 3 December 2007

Tory PPC selection process

The closing date for applicants to be Conservative Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Darlington was last Friday. They have been very slow in choosing someone, though I understand part of the delay was caused by the fact that when the position was advertised earlier in the year, there were no suitable applicants!

But now they've got Nigel Boddy as a member, they won't have that problem this time. Nigel would make a superb candidate and I urge any Conservative members reading this to vote for him. The democratic process needs men of integrity and ability.


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Anonymous said...

Please, please, please elect Nigel Boddy as the Tory PPC he's a real man of commitment and ability. You can be sure that he will do what's best for his party and fight the good fight, oh and dont forget what a great orator he his. Do the right thing vote Nigel, what a guy!

Vote Boddy said...

"I see before me the greatest people on Earth. We are the sons and the grandsons of the people who forged this great modern world. There is nothing we cannot do". This is the sort of down to earth, common sense rhetoric you get with a political heavyweight like Nigel 'The' Boddy.

His grasp on the middle-east is also peerless.