Saturday, 9 February 2008

Stick your foreign games up your ****

Back from Goodison Park, having watched Reading slump to their seventh consecutive defeat and slide inexorably into the relegation places. The Reading fans (officially number 13 on the team sheet) told the Premier League what we thought of the ridiculous plan of playing an extra competitive game each season in America or the Far East by putting new words to the old song.

Goodison is a throw back to traditional football grounds: uncomfortable wooden seats in a wooden stand, stanchions blocking the view, cheerful scouser stewards who don't enforce the pathetic no standing rule, a "hit the crossbar" competition at half-time, the teams running out to the theme tune from Z Cars. The Peoples Club, they call themselves.

Last year, Rocky was the guest of honour (no, I can't remember why, but his latest film had just been released) when we played there and got a good draw. This year we played well, but lacked the incisiveness of the Everton strikers Johnson and Cahill up front. Ah well, things weren't so bad in the Championship.

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