Sunday, 23 March 2008

On the job!

Readers of this blog will know I have been campaigning in Council for action to be taken against the rogue traders who sell cars on North Road. Council wardens have taken action, with some success, but the problem persists. The practice is illegal if the same person offers two or more cars for sale within 200 metres of each other.
The message does not seem to have filtered down to the police.

The first photo shows three cars parked up for sale on North Road a couple of weeks ago.
The second photo shows the two police vehicles parked nearby! They were checking for speeding motorists. As you can see in the third photo, the minder of the cars is showing a punter the choice in full view of the police. I strolled across and feigned interest in the cars. The young minder told me he was just looking after them for the owner.
The fourth photo is taken looking back down North Road from the nearby pedestrian crossing, which Fred and I were investigating due to reports of vehicles crossing the lights on red, thereby endangering pedestrians trying to cross the road. You can see the cars for sale just down the road and the police car moved to a side street: ready to pounce on speeding traffic.

What the photo doesn't show is that, parked behind the police car is another car, in which is sitting the younger minder of the cars for sale with two other men, presumably one of whom is the owner of those cars.

I alerted the police in the car to this, but they were on traffic duty and dealing with illegal rogue traders wasn't their responsibility.

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Anonymous said...

Yes Councillor Barker it is a great pity that the police ignore the people.

As a member of St Thomas Aquinas Church we were bullied into providing more parking space on site (which we did) yet these people use the space there blatatantly to sell vehicles illegally why can't the council push the police into action ???