Tuesday, 13 May 2008

All five Post Offices lost

All five Post Offices within the Borough which were earmarked for closure are indeed to close, the Post Office announced this morning.
Quite how Crown Street, which already suffers from horrendous queues for much of the day, will cope with the extra business I can't imagine. Cleveland Terrace Post Office was a hub of the local community: a community about which the Labour Government and its Post Office bosses seem to care little.
The loss of little Hopetown Post Office will be a real blow to the elderly and disabled people living nearby as well as the manager, who sells virtually nothing else from his shop.

Similarly, little Croft Post Office in Hurworth Ward is a lifeline for the elderly residents living nearby. So much for local MP Phil "Is Hurworth in my area?" Wilson's "fight" to save post offices in his Sedgefield constituency.
A sad day for many people in Darlington who fought a good fight against overwhelming odds.

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ian said...

Have to agree Mike, it is downright shameful that so many post offices are to be lost.
It also seems lost on so many that this is a SERVICE on which so many rely, usually the weakest and most vulnerable in our communities.

Our mps may be have played political games with the wording of the opposition to the closures in parliament, but the fact remains that that they had the opportunity to oppose these closures and failed to do so.

They should be ashamed.