Monday, 7 July 2008

Town Twinning Bike Ride to Mulheim: Day 3

Day three's ride took us through the heathland where our paras were famously dropped during Operation Market Garden in WW2, before their assault on the bridge at Arnhem: a bridge too far. A simple monument remains. Further along, the war cemetery for those who fell in the battle: many still in their teens.

On a misty, damp morning, these were moving experiences.

By lunchtime the sun was out and lunch was taken in various cafes in Arnhem.

Our afternoon ride took us across the non-existent border into Germany. Gradually the quality of cycle paths deteriorated and the car drivers became less considerate. Just like home! Our day's ride ended by the Rhine at Emmerich: an unattractive town, but one which has recently rediscovered the river on which it was built, with a delightful promenade of cafes and bars along the banks of the Rhine.

We ate (and drank) outside (a practice our local Tory PPC would put a stop to): very good food, big portions, plentiful lager and relaxed company.

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