Monday, 19 October 2009

Darlington Labour's rejection of 10:10 looks more ridiculous by the day

The Liberal Democrats in Parliament are to table a motion this Wednesday which would commit the whole of the public sector to sign up to 10:10.

The Darlington Labour Group's portfolio holder for Climate Change has already rejected my call on him at the last Council Meeting to sign Darlington up, despite Ed Miliband urging all Labour Councils to join, and despite the fact that 50 Councils have already done so, with more joining every day.

Sadly, the Labour Group in Darlington look more and more out of touch with public sentiment on this, as on so many other issues, though I suspect the real reason for his rejection of my call was because it came from a Liberal Democrat. They do think they know best, this Labour bunch. As I said to them in cabinet, they've simply been in power so long that they think they can do no wrong and they see no need to act on proposals from outside their own little clique.

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