Sunday, 1 November 2009

Firework Spectacular

Somewhere in the crowds at this year's spectacular Darlington Firework Spectacular, my fellow blogger Nick Wallis experienced the event through the small lens of his camera. This year's event was themed on space and the planets and featured Darlington's very own helium filled balloon bobbing around erractically.

I thought this year's event was exceptionally good, with booming music from Holst to Star Wars via Bowie and Neil Armstrong which complemented the firework display perfectly.

The crowd was well behaved and appreciative, though unlike Nick, I didn't hear anyone praising the safety announcements, but there you go: I obviously hang out with a more reckless crowd!

I don't remember seeing so many fairground rides and hot food takeaway stalls before, so there was plenty for teens and families alike to enjoy as well as the 25 minute firework display. This also meant there was less of a crush on the way out, as many young people stayed on to enjoy the rides rather than surge for the exits.

Will this event survive the cull of Council services to come over the next couple of years?

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