Thursday, 25 February 2010

Serious about recycling?

Having up to now provided a free cardboard recycling service for businesses in Darlington, the Council has announced that, from April, there will be a charge of £4.78 + VAT per collection. That's almost £250 a year if, as most businesses do, cardboard is put out weekly. This is being done "to ensure economic viability in readiness for the coming financial year".

I suspect, with trade as poor as it is in the town centre at the moment, many businesses will not pay that amount.

At the same time, the Council is to introduce a free commercial paper and cardboard drop-off facility at its recycling centre on Whessoe Road. So those businesses who still want to recycle, but baulk at the idea of paying £250 a year for the privilege, can at least drive their cars or vans into work, load up and drive up to Whessoe Road instead.

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Alan Macnab writes...

I thought you would have paid for this service out of your business rates? Sounds like an attempt to get businesses to pay twice for the same service.