Monday, 1 March 2010

Damp squib?

Well, the Echo has published details of the Conservatives' complaint about the Council's conduct in apparently distributing literature in favour of the Labour Party's candidate at the forthcoming General Election.

While the Council is right to be investigating this seriously, it would appear to be an example of thoughtlessness by Council officers rather than a blatent attempt to promote Jenny Chapman's candidature. They should have known better and I trust the Borough Solicitor will be issuing guidance to officers on the correct approach to adopt to political matters in the future.

Sadly, the Echo did not use the best bit of the quote I gave them, "With so many Labour voters moving over to support the Lib Dems in this election, Jenny Chapman needs all the help she can get." And it also gave the Echo an excuse to print yet another colour photo of Jenny, their favourite pin-up girl.


james said...

"pin-up girl"

Erm, that's a bit below the belt, Mike...

Mike Barker said...

Oh, I don't know James. A light-hearted comment based on the fact that even opening an inaccessible second-floor office is deemed to be of such public interest that a large colour photo is used to illustrate what is, really, a non-story.

Actually, unlike the Tories, I haven't complained at all. I have had more than my share of coverage in the Echo over the last two years - because I give them lots of stories. I certainly, unlike the Tories who have complained to the editor, don't believe there is any bias in the local press. It's understandable that the candidate of the main party in the town, who starts out as favourite to win the seat, gets good press coverage. I'd just like to get a photo in there sometimes, so that the electorate can put a face to the name.

Hopefully my visit to the Stroke Unit yesterday will result in a photo.