Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Pure co-incidence

I undertand there is absolutely no connection between the rare appearance in the town centre today of cleaners wielding high pressure hoses and the visit to the town tomorrow of John Denham, Secretary of State for Communities, Local Government and Chewing Gum Removal.


miketually said...

I often see high pressure hoses being used by Council staff in the town centre, on my way to work.

They tend to be there for a week, gradually moving through the "area designated as no motorised traffic between certain hours"* until they've covered it all.

*Not as catchy as the Pedestrian Heart, but more accurate.

Mike Barker said...

Unfortunately, while High Row was spotless and the water feature was working again, up in Post House Wynd, where the Minister did not set foot, the pavement was covered with litter, gum and fag ends.