Friday, 5 March 2010

Sloppy work Edward

The latest election leaflet from Edward Legard, the Conservative candidate for the Darlington constituency, arrived with the pizza menu leaflets on my doormat this evening. Sadly, for a party which got its nickers in such a twist when a flyer in support of Jenny Chapman, the Labour candidate, was distributed without an election imprint to teachers recently, this lastest effort from Capt Legard also does not include the necessary "Published by..." imprint.

Edward's agent, Charles Johnson, whose name should, according to election law, appear on this leaflet, has his photo on the leaflet - but no imprint. I trust prosecution will follow and in this case justice will be seen to be done. String 'im up, I say.

Interestingly, it appears from a Tweet from Peter Barron, editor of the Northern Echo, who lives in Hurworth, that this leaflet has been delivered in that fair village. I commend Charles' keenness to spread the Conservative message far and wide. Sadly, though, Hurworth lies in the Sedgefield Constituency. You just can't trust these pizza menu leafletters, Charles. Should have used your own members, like we do.

The leaflet doesn't shy away from tarring Jenny Chapman (or "Mr Milburn's former Personal Assistant" as Capt Legard calls her) with the Milburn brush. I know Jenny would love to point out in her leaflets that Capt Legard is an out-of-touch outsider - maybe this will provoke her to become just a little bit personal.

But the crowning point in the leaflet, for me, is the steady inching forward of Capt Legard's claim to be local. You'll remember I pointed out that, in his first leaflet, Edward said he was a "local Councillor", which is only true if you live in Malton. And in his second leaflet he was a "local Conservative", again, only true if you live in Rydale. Now, in his third leaflet, Edward says, " Ordinary people in Darlington, myself included..." Two points here: Edward, as the son of a baronet, hardly qualifies as an "ordinary person" and secondly, the one place he's not from is Darlington. The use of the word "included" is a subtle, though entirely illegitimate, attempt to cast him as a Darlingtonian.

Like I said, he'll be kipping on Charles' floor soon.


james said...

I think it would be a mistake for candidates to focus on each others personal details - the important thing is policies.

No matter how local or ordinary their candidate, the Tory party's policies remain focused at helping the few at the expense of the many.

Anonymous said...

I partially agree with James on the matter of personal attacks. However it is the Labour party like Blair and Milburn who have remained focused at helping the few at the expense of the many.
Once again the lib-dems stride away from their policies because they don't have any!
You should be picking up on his 'bad' policies. Please tell us if he actually has any instead of attacking him on his background.

ian said...

Given the national outrage at the personal behaviour of many of our MPs, it is quite understandable that we should have an interest in the personalities of those who would want to represent us.

It is a legitmate comment to suggets that the son of a Baronet will have little in common with the vast majority of voters in darlington. As would someone with such apparent knowledge of the town. It is then for the electorate to decide if these matters are important when deciding who they want as their MP.

james said...

"it is the Labour party like Blair and Milburn who have remained focused at helping the few at the expense of the many"

And the Tories would have given us a minimum wage, investment in public services, and stopped the worst economic collapse since the 30s?

I hope you remember that even the worst day of a Labour government is fairer than the best of a Tory one!

Pamela said...

It may be "illegal" and it may stretch the truth when it comes to where he originates from. However I have to say, it's only one I've had delivered. I'm in the middle of town (Bartlett street). So before you start bashing other leaflets, lets see yours

Mike Barker said...

Pamela, Bartlett Street has had two leaflets from us this year. They are headed "Focus" and tell you about what I have been doing in your ward with our Lib Dem team there.

You may not remember them: we can't afford the glossy full-colour leaflets that the other two parties can.

However, you'll be pleased to know that next week you will get a colour leaflet from me. I doubt you'll be able to sleep at night in anticipation.

Pamela said...

fair enough, I look forward to it.