Monday, 22 March 2010

Sticking out of the letterboxes in Park East...

Yet another Cashcroft glossy Tory leaflet hits the doormats in Darlington. From it I learn that I am "tainted by town hall politics," and have "not served my country with distinction." Strangely, Capt Legard completely fails to mention that he too is a local councillor, albeit in North Yorkshire.

His military career does, as usual, get extensive coverage. Capt Legard appears to believe that the only way one can serve is by joining the army.

The leaflet also uses a bar chart to illustrate an article about election results in Darlington. The problem is, though they don't actually tell us this, the bar chart shows the election result for the Euro elections last year for whole of the UK! What relevance is that to Darlington?

Oh, and "If you vote Yellow, you will get Brown." Actually, if you vote Yellow, you'll get ...ME!!!


Spot the blue jumper said...


The only people who continue to use an army rank when in "civvies" and after life in the armed forces are people who wish to exploit a title they no longer hold. What next shall we salute him because men once did? I spent 15 years in the Army doing two tours on Northern Ireland at the height of the trouble but I dont ask people to call Staff anymore.

Anyway its the NCO who do the work in the British Army Capt Legwarmer wouldnt be able to find his way to the mess without a hand from an NCO!

james said...

I obviously hope that in the general election you are second to the Labour candidate, Mike, but I think that the personal attacks made in the Tory leaflets are disgraceful. People are interested in policies to help protect and improve services and jobs, not tittle-tattle.

All of the three main candidates have given service to the public in a variety of ways and I'm pleased that in campaign literature neither you nor Jenny Chapman has resorted to personal criticisms.

Anonymous said...

tut tut Mike, serving your local community as a local councillor, outrageous. You and Jenny are probably over-qualified for the grubby world of parliament. The Tories trying to spin being local as a disadvantage when it's what people here are crying out for after all the scandals is pathetic. Darlington wants a local MP.

Anonymous said...

My that Capt. Legard can half move quickly. He shoved a leaflet through a letter box and then bolted down the street as if a pack of wolves were on his tail.

Has he been to Hurworth yet?

Alex T said...

The only thing you need to know about Legard is that his dad is a Baron and the family seat is Scampston Hall. It just shows what contempt for us the Tories have to try and foist this Rupert onto us. He'll go the same way as Scrope - at least he had the faintly endearing quality of appearing to be bumbling ex Python Terry Jones in disguise.