Thursday, 8 July 2010

Cockerton West by-election result

Today's Darlington Borough Council Cockerton West by-election, caused by the election of a former Labour Councillor to be our new MP, resulted in a hold for Labour, though a spirited Lib Dem showing squeezed the Conservative vote right down and produced a much closer result than most people expected.

The result, with the 2007 result in brackets:

Labour 388; 45% (515; 41%),
Lib Dem 347; 40% (263; 21%),
Cons 84; 10%
(308; 25%),
BNP 41; 5% (167; 13%).

The turnout was just 29%.


Anonymous said...

Wowwww didn't the Con's take a kicking and suprisingly the Fib's did well considering their recent change of position on VAT.

What of Dave Davis Fib/dumb comments so much for a balanced coalition?...

DAVE DAVIES (facebook)
Pretty shit night for the Tories, BSF monies hit hard, as did a large majority of benefit dependents in Cockerton West by-election, truth be told we were never going to win that is accepted, Fib/dumbs done very well funny thing about that Fib/Dumb candidate stood for Tories in 2007 local man, lived in the area for 26 years worth another punt for the Tory Teaboys at next years locals.

Mike Barker said...

Clearly a grasp of basic English is not a requirement for becoming a Conservative candidate.

"Anonymous", the coalition is something that applies at national level within Parliament: it doesn't extend to local politics in Darlington (as you can see!).

Anonymous said...

The tories have had their day in darlo!

Sam T said...

Just like to say that on balance the Cockerton West seat was considered as "safe" by Labour. The Labour candidate has done a great deal of good work for the community but what a good result for the Lib Dems. Times are a changing and people simply want something different.

Nice to see a good balanced view from the Tories too! Perhaps a crash course in literacy is called for.