Friday, 23 July 2010

On BBC Radio Tees again

At 7.15 this morning I was on the John Foster morning programme on BBC Radio Tees talking about the Special Cabinet meeting to be held next week. Cabinet will be considering proposed cuts of £2.6million: the first tranche towards the eventual expected target of £22million of cuts.

Should you be so moved, you can listen again here. Go forward to 1 hour 11m 30s.

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james said...

Mike, in the 20th Century each time public expenditure has been cut national debt has increased.

Here's David Davis on the truth of the big society:

"The corollary of the big society is the smaller state. If you talk about the small state, people think you’re Attila the Hun. If you talk about the big society, people think you’re Mother Teresa."

There will be no cuts at the top - the millionaires of the coalition aren't going to make their mates pay for the crisis they caused. It was the profligacy of the bankers that caused this mess. That you don't mention this is sickening.