Sunday, 27 May 2007

Down to work in North Road ward

North Road ward stretches on both sides of North Road from the B&Q DIY superstore up to the Thompson Street crossroads. It has pockets of poverty and deprivation, with a large number of single-parent families and a transient population, an area of traditional terraced and semi-detached owner-occupied houses and a new estate of detached and semi-detached houses. There are residential homes and sheltered housing, primary schools, local shops and pubs, North Cemetery and North Park. It is a varied ward, with more than its fair share of problems and issues.

I have been working with our Lib Dem Councillors there for the past year or so, helping to produce our regular Focus newsletter. Now it's time to start working for the people who live there. Our first surgery since the election is next week, but already there are issues old and new to deal with.
Traffic problems beset some of the residential streets, as the Council's policy of speeding traffic flow along North Road, by limiting the number of access points to the road, forces drivers to seek short cuts through residential streets.
Leyburn Road has been particularly badly affected by the closure of the slip road from Thompson Street East onto North Road. After several months of pressure, it seems that we may have improved things for local residents by persuading officers to change the timing of the lights at this junction to allow more vehicles to access North Road without the need to look for a short cut down Leyburn Road.

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ian holme said...

Hi Mike,
Good to see another blog up and running.
Your comments re the traffic priorities on north road strike a cord. For some time I have been pressing for traffic calming on eastmount rd, acting on behalf of friends who are resident there. Nick (wallis) has persued this with officers, to no avail so far.

I have today contacted the ward councillors for central ward, hoping they may help exert a little more pressure. Having not dealt with either cllrs before i have no idea as to their reaction to this.
However, given your concerns, perhaps this is something that could be looked at for a number of roads in the area on a cross-party basis?

Just a thought.