Sunday, 20 May 2007

New Councillor - New Blog

In Darlington there's a Labour Blog, a Tory Blog: now there's a Lib Dem blog.
This will be a blog devoted to telling you about grassroots politics in a Northern Market Town. What do ward councillors do? Can they make a difference for their ward?
The Council is run by the select few from the Labour Party who form the Cabinet...but is there anything a new backbench councillor from a minority party can achieve in Council?
What do I want to achieve as a Councillor?

One priority must be to work hard in the interests of the residents of North Road ward. They've been lucky to have Liberal Democrat Councillors for many years now, fighting their corner. This hard work must continue.

The other priority must be to promote and advance Liberal Democrat policies and principles in the Council. Strong opposition to the Labour Cabinet is essential: constructive, intelligent, thoughtful, but firm. Neither minority party has offered effective opposition to Labour until the last year or so. Now, with new councillors and new leaders in both parties, and a narrow Labour majority, the opposition parties have to stand up and be counted.


miketually said...

Welcome to the Darlo blogosphere, Mike, I look forward to following your adventures on the Council.

Now we just need a sitting Tory to blog and we have a full house!

ian white, said...

Hi Mike new address noted, good luck from the liar and will set you a link up as you have been so kind with me.
Thanks Ian