Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Rise Carr Walkabout

Out this morning for a walk around the small Rise Carr estate on Whessoe Road in North Road ward.

This estate has an air of neglect hanging over it, with broken walls, litter, graffiti, an abandoned car and unkempt flower beds and borders. Some photos I took this morning are here.

North Road ward lies within the central area as far as the Council's operations are concerned, and it is much smaller than other estates in town, such as at Branksome and Skerne Park. Unfortunately, as a consequence, it receives less attention than it needs.

Political support for the needs of this estate is lacking. Problems reported to Street Scene are just not being dealt with. The political priority in central area seems to be on maintaining the publicly visible areas, and ignoring places like Rise Carr.

We met several residents during our walkabout. It is frustrating for us and them that there are no community facilities for young or old in the area - something the Lib Dems have long been campaigning for. Problems with drainage, flooding, fly-tipping, and rubbish dumping have been reported to the Council - and not achieved a satisfactory response.

The residents of Rise Carr deserve better than this. I will be working hard to get the estate the care and attention it deserves. I wonder if the Cabinet member responsible would like to come on a walkabout with us, and see for himself the work that desperately needs doing there.

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Darlington Councillor said...

Welcome back to blogging, Mike! It's healthy that all 3 parties have individuals blogging now in the town.