Saturday, 23 June 2007

Another day...another flood

Water, water everywhere. Market Hall cellars flooded, half the Cornmill shut, M&S fighting a deluge, my shop in the path of a tidal wave, many roads in town must be the cricket season. Far worse than Friday: the heavens just opened.
Photos above from my walk home at the top of Duke St.
And still people were wandering in, wading past me and the staff with our mops and buckets, looking for a flapjack.
Oh well, at least there's you know WHO to look forward to tonight.
I blame the Master.
Monday update: Crown Street library is closed due to sewage problems caused by the flooding. I spent a happy (not) couple of hours on Saturday afternoon clearing out my cellar at home for the same reason. Not very nice! I know many others in my part of town had similar problems in their old Victorian cellars.
This is the first time in almost 25 years in the house that we've had this problem, which shows the intensity of the rainfall on Saturday lunchtime.

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