Thursday, 5 July 2007

On the campaign trail

If there's one thing Lib Dems love - it's by-elections. As the third party, normally we tend to get less news coverage than the other two parties, but by-elections give us the opportunity to get our message across directly to the electorate.
So this week, party members and organisers from across the country have been streaming into Sedgefield constituency. Tens of thousands of leaflets have already been delivered, while canvassing teams are spreading out across the constituency.
The overwhelming message I got on the doorstep yesterday in Newton Aycliffe was the huge disappointment felt by lifelong Labour voters at being let down - for example over Iraq and by the Government's mishandling of the NHS. They're also wondering why Labour's campaign is already turning petty and negative - clearly that's to be their tactic, when they have so little to boast about.

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