Monday, 8 October 2007


Having spent the first half of the weekend preparing for a snap General Election, I then spent the second half of it not preparing for said election. Luckily, this meant I could watch three mighty sporting encounters without feeling guilty that I really should be designing a canvassing leaflet or going off to Durham to stuff some postal vote application forms in envelopes.
Gordon's pathetic cop-out also meant that the normal selection process for a PPC for Darlington could continue with the planned short-listing meeting at the weekend. On Sunday evening I heard from Penny Reid, the returning officer, that I was one of those shortlisted, so now I'll have to produce an A4 leaflet to be sent to all members, and prepare for hustings.
The sporting encounters? Well, obviously, Reading keeping a clean sheet against Derby after shipping seven last weekend, England's mighty victory against the whinging Aussies and France turning over the All Blacks. If the underdog continues to rule this World Cup we could have an England v. Argentina final. Now that would be fun!
Even more fun than this, perhaps:


Darlington Councillor said...

Good luck, Mike. Who are the other hopefuls?

Mike Barker said...

Thanks, Nick.
The full list will be made public by the Returning Officer nearer the time of the internal election.

Darlington Councillor said...

It's a secret?!?

Mike Barker said...

We're at the stage in the selection process where applicants can appeal against the short list. Until that time has passed, the short list could theoretically change.

miketually said...

Good luck