Monday, 7 January 2008

Back to politics

This is my first post for three weeks. Christmas and New Year was a busy period at work - the couple of weeks up to Christmas are always the busiest two weeks of the year, as shoppers buy far more than they really need! At home, with all the kids back here, the holiday period was pretty hectic.
The ward work didn't stop though. I had a message on the ansaphone on Christmas Eve when I got home from work at about 5pm from a constituent with a whole list of complaints about the Council. I also had a ward surgery on the 27th. Then, on New Year's Day, my ward colleague, Fred Lawton, had to sort out a flooding problem in a Council house on our beat.
It's also been an opportunity to catch up with reading, and to bring the local party website up to date, which I had neglected since the Sedgefield by-election.
So refreshed and re-invigorated (it says here) your local Lib Dem Parliamentary Spokesman returns to the fray!

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