Thursday, 10 January 2008

Community Partnership

Off to Longfield School this evening for the North Road Community Partnership. A smaller than usual turnout, which was a shame since we were treated to a visit by not one, not two, not three but four members of Durham Constabulary's finest. Indeed, had they known, the local ne'er do wells could have had the run of the ward.
The presence of two police officers and two PCSOs led to an interesting discussion on domestic violence. It seems that North Road ward has the highest official rate of recorded domestic violence in the whole South Durham area! Why would that be? The high level of private rented accommodation or the relatively transient population? Is North Road used as a dumping ground for "problem families"? The members asked me to find out, which I will try to do tomorrow.
Apparently, the assumption is that only around 10% of cases of domestic violence are reported, which means that during the month of December there were around 80 instances of domestic violence in our ward. Getting victims to come forward is difficult: often the violence shown to them is so persistent that the victim believes she (or he) is the cause of the problem and that they, not the perpetrator, is at fault.
Members of the CP were anxious to find ways to highlight this issue and to ensure that potential victims are made aware of sources of help and support.
The meeting was also disturbed to learn that the proposed new Community Garden in North Park, on which they and the Friends of North Park expended much time and energy, has fallen victim to the Council's financial cutbacks - about which more anon!

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Anonymous said...

Strkes me that a lot more will become a victim of cutbacks and yet the Council insist we can influence their budget.

How can that be if the community is already going to have to find 4.9% to deliver the Council's budget. How much of this rise is down to the overspend on the PH and what's the point spending more consulting on what will turn out to be a "fait accompli" ?