Sunday, 17 February 2008

Targets, ID Cards and Climate Change

The continuing stupidity of the know-all Labour Government and its ever-growing list of targets is revealed in this report from the Observer.

And for those Labour politicians still in love with their outrageous plans for ID Cards,
tune in to BBC1 tonight for a drama where Government surveillance, backed up by rigid enforcement of ID Cards, creates a chilling society of the near future.

And...for those of you yet to see
"An Inconvenient Truth", which I don't think has yet been shown in Darlington, Friends of the Earth are showing the film in the Friends (the other lot) Meeting House, Skinnergate, soon.
Full details to follow. Update: full details in the first comment below; thanks, Mike.

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miketually said...

Tickets for "An Inconvenient Truth" are a bargain at £1. Wednesday 5th March at 6pm.

Darlington Cycling Campaign will be there.