Thursday, 24 April 2008

Bob the Builder

I am reminded that the responsibility for the Eastern Transport Corridor was once in the hands of fellow blogger and Cabinet member, Councillor Nick Wallis. I'm sure Nick won't mind if I remind him of his boyish enthusiasm for his role here.

But he might not be so overjoyed when I remind him that he expressly stated that responsibility for ensuring the project came in on budget lay with him. Just in case you've forgotten what you wrote, Nick, here it is: "Overseeing the completion date and budget will be a key task." As all about us are trying to pass the blame on to officers who have left, or who were sick at the time, it's good to see that Nick accepts that budgetary responsibilty rested with him - and by implication, with his successor, Cllr Lyonette: it's a quality job, David!

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