Friday, 25 April 2008

Organic kohlrabi in store

Low Leases Organic Farm, just down the road near Leeming Bar, was established some ten years ago by Rob McGregor, who with his wife, Elaine, left London for the green fields of North Yorkshire, determined to establish an organic farm. I came across them when they were just starting out, but, having tried to sell fresh organic fruit and veg in the shop about 15 years ago when there was no demand, I decided not to try again.

Now, however, the market has changed. The supply, range and quality of organic veg has improved greatly, and the demand is there. On a recent visit to natural food shops in Manchester (Unicorn Grocery) and Bristol (The Better Food Company), I was excited by the prominence given to fresh organics.

Low Leases were at last week's Farmers' Market in Darlington, so I arranged with them to start selling their produce in the shop. Although there has been no publicity about this yet, sales have been brisk. 15 years ago we were ahead of the market, now we are satisfying an obvious demand. With everything from carrots to kohlrabi, from purple sprouting broccoli to fennel, our range far exceeds that of any supermarket or shop in town.

And if you're ever in Bristol, seek out the Better Food Company. I love this store. They have their own market garden, an instore bakery and cafe and a great range of organic food. Their ethical approach is spot on. Good people doing a great job bringing good, affordable food to a relatively run-down part of their city.


Dinky Dory said...

Another good reason to come into your shop. I am needing to stock up and never made it in a few weeks ago. But its pay day, and I love my veg being a vegan! So its worth a visit.


cllr. mark burton said...

Mike, I devoured one of your pizza pies, or is it a stuffed pizza pie… something like that. Very nice! The lass who served me did not know what I meant by ‘necking it’. I was so hungry and this followed by an ice cream did the trick!

miketually said...

We get a weekly delivery of organic veg. Lately, some of it has been a bit ropey, or the bag a little empty. Some of the fruit has been from South America.

I'll have to call in to buy some veg. Local and organic should be great.