Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Big Hitter to move to Environment

The papers for tomorrow's Annual Council meeting arrived on my doormat last night.
Cllr Nick Wallis, one of the big hitters in the Labour Group, is to move to the Sustainable Environment and Climate Change Portfolio. Cllr Veronica Copeland moves over to Adult Services while Cllr Andy Scott joins the Cabinet, replacing Nick Wallis at Health and Leisure. Cllr David Lyonette continues his less than impressive job in charge of transport.
Obviously I'm not privy to the inner machinations of the Labour Group, so why Nick was moved within a year of taking over at Health and Leisure I don't know. I hope it's because Cllr Williams recognises the importance of the Environment brief and wants someone with a bit of clout to take it by the metaphorical scruff of the neck, something which Veronica, lovely lady though she is, failed to do.
I hope it isn't because they want a big man to defend their weak record on environmental issues. I hope they're not proposing to downgrade the kerbside recycling collection in favour of slinging everything into the big tunnels being built by John Wade to handle our waste: a system which effectively produces neutralised landfill, even though it can officially be classified as recyling. I hope we'll see a really aggressive and innovative approach to our environmental commitment. I just wonder what they're thinking here.


cllr. mark burton said...

way too much thinking going on there... :)

Anonymous said...

perhaps that because he can think as an individual Mark, you and your fellow Labour Cllr's should try it.