Thursday, 14 August 2008

Green Computing for Individuals, Businesses or Government

Here's a great piece of FREE software which I have found to be highly effective. It sits on my desktop and applies energy saving policies (standby, hibernation or shutdown) to my computer after a defined period of inactivity. The interface also displays information on how much energy has been used or saved, how long the user has been working or not, as well as what CO2 reductions have been achieved and how much money the user has saved.

Users can share their carbon savings via the global carbon disclosure network, (which is in the process of redevelopment). This site acts as a global carbon disclosure forum which can be joined by businesses or governmental institutions running the souped up versions of this software, as well as individuals. The site uploads information gathered by the power management software and updates their profile as well as placing a carbon footprint on a googlemap feature showing their location.

The software is available from the CCS website:

And they're a British (well, Scottish) company too.

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