Tuesday, 5 August 2008

It's back!

For all my readers from outside Darlington, frustrated at being able to read about the saga of the rising bollard, but unable to catch a glimpse of said creature, here is a nice photo of it. Yes, it's back: surrounded by unsympathetic tarmac instead of its lovely cobblestones, but once again rising and falling as our French engineers intended. A miracle of modern technology, it proudly guards the entrance to the Skinnergate pedestrian area.

Unfortunately, there is still nothing (apart from the law of this great land of ours, which some people clearly believe doesn't apply to them) to stop drivers turning left out of the Bondgate car park and careering down Skinnergate regardless.

So, as well as the bollard, here's a photo of a car-less Skinnergate, with shoppers using the street as intended, and a nice red car which, nevertheless, just had to get to Argos.

1 comment:

miketually said...

Just after I'd blogged that it was broken :)

Maybe we should make a cardboard bollard to prevent the illegal left-turns. A Magritte-style "Ceci n’est pas une bollard".