Monday, 6 October 2008

"I'm a Councillor..." begins

Today was the first day in the two week "I'm a Councillor...Get me out of here" on-line popularity contest for schools and local councillors. You can visit the site. This link will take you there:

Then just log in as a guest (it can take up to a minute at busy times) and have a look around. For some reason the first page you see is that for Coventry City Council, but just use the drop-down menu to locate Darlington's pages.

Once there you can read the six local councillors' manifestos, personal profiles and the answers we give to students' questions.

Today many of the questions appeared to come from Longfield School: I was sent general questions about being a councillor, questions about anti-social behaviour, CCTV and youth facilities in the North Road area, and about the North Road by-election.

It's been a really interesting start to the event, but my enthusiasm to log on at work to see if any more questions had arrived meant I did get a bit behind with my real work today!

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