Wednesday, 1 October 2008

"I'm a Councillor...Get me out of here!"

Starting next Monday, running for two weeks, Darlington is participating in this year's "I'm a Councillor...Get me out of here!" competition. There is no suggestion yet that this involves anything to do with eating live insects or having to guess which one is Ant and which one is Dec.

Six Darlington Councillors, three Labour (all very senior), two Conservatives (newly elected) and me, do battle over t'interweb to be crowned Youth Champion of Darlington. We've all written personal profiles and manifestos, which you can read here (just log in as a guest). You can find out all sorts of interesting things: guess who has a power/speed boat licence, for example.

We have to answer questions from pupils at the participating schools, and go into chat rooms to talk with them in real time. There are also school visits planned. One Councillor gets voted out at the end of the first week and then one each day during the second week. It's going to get brutal!

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