Friday, 7 November 2008

Council to start commercial waste recycling

I have asked in Full Council, at Town Centre Traders' meetings, and on this blog, that Darlington Borough Council match its commitment to increased household domestic recycling with a commercial waste recycling service. My business produces huge amounts of cardboard waste, as do most retailers, and it is annoying to see it carted away to landfill every week.

Now, from December 3rd, the Council will be providing a collection of clean paper and cardboard for recycling - and it's free! Local businesses received letters from the Waste Minimisation and Recycling Officer this morning. I've already signed up for it and I hope everyone else does too. I shall do my bit by mentioning it to the other traders in the Wynd when they come in for their lovely, freshly-made, home-made soup at lunchtime!

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