Saturday, 13 December 2008

Will's friend killed by 13 year old suicide bomber

Three Royal Marines from 45 Commando based in Arbroath died today in Sangin when a thirteen year old boy, pushing a wheelbarrow with a bomb in it, blew himself up. Will is in 45 Commando and on another day this could have been him out there on patrol.

How on earth do our Marines protect themselves against schoolkids determined to kill themselves and everyone else around them? What sort of brainwashing must these kids go through that makes them believe their destiny lies in self-destruction?

Gordon Brown, on a visit to Afghanistan today, said the work of our troops out there made our lives safer in this country. Well, maybe if we ever "win" this war, but with a seemingly unending supply of teenagers prepared to blow themselves up, and adults happy to strap bombs on them and push them out the front door, how many of our boys must lose their lives first?

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