Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Diaries scrapped

At last month's Full Council Budget Meeting I pointed out some of what I thought were unnecessary costs the Council incurs in supporting Councillors. For instance, virtually everyone has a computer with internet access these days before they're elected to the Council, so why does the Council give us a brand new laptop and pay for a separate phone line to be installed and maintained?

I've given my laptop back and cancelled the phone line. Now I have a cute little gizmo which I keep on my key ring which gives me a constantly changing six figure password which I use to access the Council's email and intranet services from my home and work computers. I understand the Leader of the Council has given his laptop back too. I think almost everyone else could too.

But now they've gone a step too far: they're taking away our diaries too!!! Now this is most distressing. It's time to storm the barricades. I like ostentatiously flourishing my Councillor's Diary and competing with Fred to see who's got the most meetings filled in (he always wins). Now I'll have to buy one from Smiths and fill in all the meeting dates and times myself - by hand. God, the things I do to help save the Council another £1000.

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