Sunday, 22 March 2009

Ward Walkabout

Last week the Street Scene co-ordinator for our area, Carol Carter, came on a ward walkabout with us. North Road is a large and challenging ward, so we only managed to walk about a quarter of the ward: another visit is planned. We wanted to show Carol the problems which Rise Carr faces, and also the fly-tipping problem which nearby streets and green spaces suffer from.
While we were out we came across a load of tree cuttings dumped in front of some garages (top photo). Carol phoned in to Street Scene HQ, only to be told that tree cuttings had been found dumped at half a dozen sites around town that day. Presumably this is a business trying to avoid paying waste disposal charges.
We wanted to show Carol the environmental improvements which we worked hard to achieve in Rise Carr. The Council's work looks good, but already a few anti-social residents have dumped supermarket trollies and copious amounts of litter around the place. The grassed areas are already being destroyed by bike riders.

We will continue to work for improvements in Rise Carr, and also to get access to the community facilities promised to us in the old Rise Carr Junior School (now the Pupil Referral Unit). A few anti-social residents make life harder for the majority of decent people, but it is important that this does not give the Council an excuse not to make the time and effort to continue the good work we've started in this part of the ward.

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