Saturday, 18 April 2009

In the Loop: a movie for our times

Going in to see "In the Loop" at The Gate, Newcastle, last night, I bumped into a group of the bright young things from the Durham and Newcastle Lib Dems coming out of the previous showing. "You'll love it", they said, and they were right.

Most of the favourites from the tv series were there, as foul mouthed as ever, though these days, knowing what type of people our Prime Minister surrounds himself with, it appears Peter Capaldi's Malcolm Tucker is just not unpleasant, devious or poisonous enough compared to the real thing!

My favourite bit was a cameo appearance from Steve Coogan as a batty constituent at the MP's surgery. Angered at the imminent collapse of the wall, part of the local constituency HQ, running alongside his garden, Steve Coogan, wearing the same woolly hat we've all seen at surgeries, even managed to get the MP's advisor on his mobile in the middle of a conference in the USA. Genius.
Judging by the knowing laughs throughout the show, a good proportion of local politicos were in the audience. It won't have big box office appeal, so get along to see it while you can.

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