Monday, 13 April 2009

Miss Durham Pageant

The Echo fills a whole page with a story, and colour photos (thanks very much), about next week's Miss Durham beauty pageant. I thought these things had died out with Eric Morely, but no, here we have the 18 finalists ("whittled down from 80") in all their glory.

So: a bit of fun, or a demeaning spectacle which objectifies women?
If the contestants enjoy taking part who am I to criticise? Especially as in an hour's time I'll be setting off to watch the mighty Reading trying to actually score a goal at Blackpool. Even the most ardent Reading fan might describe this as a brain-dead activity at the moment.

The girls are described as "extremely attractive and classy ladies." Furthermore, this year they have introduced a "question and answer session", "so the girls can show how intelligent they are too".

Personally, having studied the photos carefully, I reckon the girls from Darlington must be in with a shout. So, come on Laura, Laura and Jodie!

And, for those of you who like this kind of thing, here's a photo I've just taken of one of my little beauties enjoying the morning sun in my garden...

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