Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Milburn declines invitation

As Katherine Hannah announced twice on last night's drive time BBC Radio Tees programme, Alan Milburn, the high-earning, low-activity MP for Darlington, declined the BBC's invitation to appear on her radio prog. He wouldn't even give them a written statement about his decision to stand down at the next election. So I went on instead.

Katherine and I talked about Alan's surprise decision to quit Parliament just days ahead of the publication of full details of MPs' outside earnings - at a hastily called CLP meeting just one day after I brought the scale of his earnings and his lack of activity to the attention of the local electorate.

We also discussed the role of MPs, the prospects for the next General Election and voter turnout and fringe party voting at the Euro elections. You can catch the interview (at 4.52pm) on the Listen Again facility on the BBC Tees website.

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