Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Everybody's talking about it

After plodding the streets delivering leaflets on Sunday morning, I carried on walking on Sunday afternoon, though sans leaflets. Inspired by a tv documentary during the week about Hadrian's Wall, I took myself up there for the first time since the kids were small and could be easily amused by a 1900 year old pile of stones.

Chesters Roman Fort was built to guard a bridge over the North Tyne. It has a well-preserved riverside bath house, which is shown in this photo. Chesters has a superb location and easy access to good local walks, on one of which I set off. Hot and sweaty, after a while I stopped at the excellent village pub in Humshaugh. A group of locals were sprawled around on the benches and tables outside the front door, arguing about...you've guessed it...MPs expenses and what needed to be done to clean up politics.

If nothing else, at least this affair has got people talking about politics again.

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