Saturday, 16 January 2010

Thaw creates flooding problems

Today's leafletting in Haughton North was interrupted by a trip to Zetland Street in North Road ward tojoin Cllr Anne-Marie Curry, talking to local householders about flooding in their back yards and kitchens. As the thaw sets in, the problems caused by the long weeks of sub-zero temperatures are now becoming apparent.

Heavy rain and ice melt combined with a blocked drain in the Zetland Street back alley to cause water to pour into nearby houses. Thankfully, although the problem occurred in the early hours of the morning, the Fire Brigade were on hand to pump the water away. During the day the offending drain has been cleared, so hopefully local householders' will not be inconvenienced again.

Similar problems have been reported by my friend and Haughton West Lib Dem Focus editor, Alan Macnab, in his ward. He noticed this morning that the Green Lane gullies at the back of houses in Muirkirk Grove in Whinfield, were beginning to overflow with water towards the properties as a result of the thaw.

Alan reported this to Darlington Borough Council's Emergency Out of Hours Service who visited promptly to monitor water levels and to prevent water flowing into the rear of homes. Council workmen were in Green Lane this afternoon and pumped out water from the gullies.

Alan has achieved several improvements for local residents over the past few months. The Haughton West Focus team of Alan, Tom Hodgson and Tom Raper, is proving to be a formidable campaigning team. The photo shows Tom Hodgson and Alan Macnab in Green Lane - before the snow melted!

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