Wednesday, 13 January 2010

What a game!

Liverpool (John William's team) 1, Reading (my wonderful Royals) 2. Get in!

I was going to blog about the dishonourable leaking, from the very highest level within Darlington Council to the Labour Party's candidate in the General Election, of the Health Trust's proposal to close the stroke unit in Darlington, and the deliberate hiding of this information from the opposition parties until after the Labour candidate had milked it in the press.

I was going to blog about the story due to appear in the Echo tomorrow about Welfare Rights in Darlington.

But until the adrenaline caused by the mighty Royals' extra time FA Cup win over the once-mighty Liverpool has dissipated, I just can't concentrate on anything else. Bring on Burnley (my brother-in-law's team) in the next round.

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