Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Old style political knockabout at QE

This morning was the annual Question Time debate for councillors at Darlington's Queen Elizabeth 6th Form College in front of an audience of bright, knowledgeable sixth form politics students. This was the third time I'd done the event and this time I was up against Gill Cartwright for the Conservatives and Jenny Chapman for the Labour Party.

Questions covered subjects like party discipline and voter turnout right through to the economy, higher education and foreign aid.

Things got off to a slow start but livened up considerably as the questions opened out into matters of policy. The three of us, I think, enjoyed the opportunity for some traditional knock-about, which is largely lacking in the Council Chamber. By the end, hands were shooting up all over the place as the students really started to get into the swing of it.

It was a very enjoyable morning. Hopefully they'll organise another one during the General Election campaign.


Anonymous said...

Mike, I take it legget couldn’t make it... I like his style - starting as he means to carry on - if he was elected!

ianh said...

Nice one Mike.
My daughter was one of the audience. Not sure if she asked any questions but know she was looking forward to the debate.

She was especially interested in views on the cabinet system and the amount of debate which takes place in the chamber

No idea where she get her interest in local politics from.....