Thursday, 18 February 2010

Pink Clock

Darlington's Town Clock has gone pink. Despite its role as a traditional meeting place for those on a date, the new pink colour, which shines out through all the viewing windows in the tower too, is not, as some Twitterers suggest, a Valentine's Day tribute.

No, it's to encourage support for the Cancer Research Race for Life. Darlington's Race, in South Park, will be on Sunday June 13th. I used to sponsor my daughter, back in her Carmel days when she used to run the event with her friends, in memory of her mum. Now, if there are any under-18's who are looking for some sponsorship this year, you only have to ask!

I have also signed up to Cancer Research's "Cancer Commitment". I have received a number of emails from Darlington residents asking me to sign up to this Commitment and I have been more than happy to do so.

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AllyAEC said...

Excellent post :) Glad to see why the clock has changed for such a worthy reason, and not as something silly like 'it looks nicer'. Wish they actually promoted the reason why it's pink - or have I missed all the bumph through my door admist the 19 takeaway flyers in the last 2 weeks. :(