Saturday, 17 April 2010

It's not just on the doorstep...

Peter Barron, the highly respected editor of the Northern Echo has tweeted this evening:

"Lost count of the number of people who've said to me that they're going to vote Lib Dem in the past couple of days. Getting interesting."

It certainly is, Peter.


miketually said...

Jenny's played the 'a Lib Dem vote is a Tory vote' card on twitter too:

"@EchoPeterBarron oh dear, last time that happened in Darlington Michael Fallon was elected"

Hope the campaign doesn't go that way.

Anonymous said...

Alan Macnab writes......

Interesting comments Mike.

The evidence from our canvassing, meeting people on the High Row and people joining our party indicates that at this point in time all three of the main parties are very close. There is a definite feeling that people of all ages want to break the mould of the two main parties and are prepared to put their faith in the Liberal Democrats.

So far from a vote for the Liberal Democrats benefiting another party, voting for the Liberal Democrats may well well mean that Darlington elects Mike as our MP.